Willkommen to Dresden

We’re here to make prescription glasses and sunnies simpler, less pricey and more playful.

Bringing our Australian practicality together with the spirit of German design and craftsmanship, we’re putting you – the glasses-wearer – at the centre.

Everything’s interchangeable, everything’s recyclable. Precision Zeiss lenses cut on-the-spot to your prescription. Ultra-durable, lightweight frames, pins and arms in the colours you choose, giving you the freedom to create and change your look.

A pair for work, another for play, one for going out, one for staying in. For everyone, every day.

Now in your neighbourhood. Wir sind Dresden.

$49 starts your system.

Make the Dresden system your own

The Dresden system is built around a single frame style in four sizes in a vast array of colours. Find the best fit in the colour combos you choose. All parts are interchangeable, even the lenses. And with prices designed for everyone, not just those with deep pockets, you’ll no longer be bound to one precious pair of glasses. Wunderbar.

Book an eye exam with us or give us your prescription. We’ll cut your lenses and assemble your glasses in-store so you can see how simple it is, as well as getting your glasses Schnell. No secret labs. No white coats. No great mystery.

2015_07_16 Dresden

We have an extensive range of precision Zeiss lenses which are easy to swap between your Dresden frames:

  • Reading or Distance (Single Vision)
  • Multifocal/Progressive
  • Bifocal
  • Desk (Progressive: intermediate to reading)
  • Sunglasses – non-prescription (standard, polarised or mirrored) and prescription (polarised or transition)

Shop for single vision and sunglasses here online and order specialty lenses such as Multifocals from our Newtown workshop.

View price list.

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2015_07_16 Dresden
Frame testing

Craft excellence

A desire to be closer to manufacturing has been fundamental in shaping Dresden. Our frames are designed and made by us from injection moulded Swiss nylon, right here in Australia. A nylon which ultra durable, lightweight and fully recyclable.

We’ve drawn on a craft excellence we felt has been lost, where there was a direct connection between the making of a product and the person it was intended for – something we associate strongly with a German approach to design and manufacturing. We admire how Germany has maintained its traditions, yet has a hypermodern, progressive edge.

Our story

Here’s where we impress the pants off you with all our past experience in optics. Except until recently, we didn’t have any. Zilch. Dresden has come at things differently – from the same place as you.

Our founders are two frustrated glasses-wearers, Bruce Jeffreys and Jason McDermott. Because, let’s face it, glasses are annoying. You lose them, you break them. You scratch them. You forget them. They’re fragile, expensive and hopelessly inconvenient … [read more]


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