So what’s going on with your eyesight, and importantly, your eye health? We’re creating the best eye health care in Australia with the latest high tech gear, exceptional optometrists, and cloud-based systems to share your care with your GP and the best specialists.

What happens when you come and see us? Firstly, we discuss your visual needs in detail, then give you a tailored prescription and a thorough examination of your eye health and function – retinal photography, intraocular pressures, ocular health and disease diagnosis and management. Appointment times are half hourly (booking form below) and take around 25–30 minutes.

+ Comprehensive consultation cost: $71
80 per cent of this fee is subsidised by Medicare for all permanent residents of Australia. Your Medicare rebate of up to $56.80 (depending on previous claims) is available immediately from Medicare online or via the Medicare Express app (gap of $14.20). For a simple refraction check, your gap is only $7.10.

+ Digital retinal photography
We don’t charge extra for the digital fundus photography we do for you because we believe everyone should have it.

+ We bulk bill Health Care Card holders and children
Select and book your appointment time and location below. Bring your Medicare card and your glasses to your appointment, and private health insurance card in case you want to buy glasses.

Existing prescriptions

If you have a current prescription, bring it in to us or email it to Alternatively, ask your optometrist to send it us and we’ll do the rest. Kein Problem.

Contact lenses

Don’t want to wear glasses all the time? Our optometrists can fit and supply you with the most comfortable contact lenses. We source contact lenses that utilise latest material technology, in your prescription, and give you a wear schedule that suits you. Already have a prescription? We can order your contact lenses, ready to pick up in store or delivered directly to your home or workplace.

+ Contact lens consultation:
Your out-of-pocket cost will range from $36 to $99. Your consultation includes all eye exams required until both you and your optometrist are satisfied with the outcome, and a small complimentary trial supply of contact lenses. We’ll ensure that the contact lenses fit as comfortably as possible, provide the best vision possible, and are a suitable fit for your eyes. We’ll also make sure that you have the skills to insert and remove your contact lenses.

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