Precision lenses

Our lens precision and quality is exceptional. We’re bucking the trend by fitting our glasses with uber quality German lenses without eye-watering mark-ups.

Here are the greatest hits of the precision lenses we fit at Dresden (contact us if you’re not a greatest hits kind of person)

+ Single vision i.e. for distance or reading
Standard 1.5 index, Thin 1.6 index, Ultra Thin 1.67 index, Ultra Ultra Thin 1.74 index clear lenses. All high index lenses (1.6 and up) provide 100% UV protection.

+ Multifocal/Progressive About these lenses > 

+ Bifocal

+ Workplace/Computer About these lenses >
Intermediate to reading vision. Also called Office or Desk glasses.
Blue light filter available on request. Get the facts about blue light here.

+ Sunglasses Prescription and non-prescription lenses in standard, mirrored, polarised or transition – all with UV 100% protection and high sun glare reduction (to the Australian/NZ Standard Sunglasses: Lens Category 3).


How long will it take to get my glasses at Dresden?

We do things differently at Dresden. We make glasses on-the-spot, right in front of you, radically reducing your waiting time. How? By having our simple modular frame system and keeping an on-site supply of single vision, reading and distance, lenses ready to cut on-the-spot. Wunderbar!

If we don’t have your lenses in stock they will only take 1-2 days for us to get in for you.

Made-to-measure lenses, like Multifocal or Workplace lenses, take around 5–7 working days to be made.

Lens indexes

The index you choose depends on your prescription. Here are the key points to help you decide which index will work well for you:

  • The greater the index number, the thinner the lens.
  • The more complex your prescription, the thicker (and heavier) the lens. Higher prescriptions require a higher index to keep the lens thin, light, and free of distortion. The higher the index the higher it’s vision correction abilities. Cost increases as the index gets higher. We can fit your frames with 1.5 (Standard), 1.6 (Thin), 1.67 (Ultra Thin) and 1.74 (Ultra Ultra Thin) index lenses.
  • Most prescriptions are compatible with more than one index. For example, you need +3 Readers. This power is within our lowest index lens range, but may opt for a Thin or Ultra Thin lens, depending on how light and comfortable you want your Dresdens to be.