Dresden frames with Zeiss lenses

We looked far and wide and long and hard at the world’s leading optical lens makers, before settling on one of the Meisters, Carl Zeiss from Germany. Since 1846, Zeiss has pioneered optical instruments and lenses, revolutionising microscopes, telescopes, cameras and eyeglasses. Legend.

Zeiss lens’ precision and quality is exceptional. We offer this without eye-watering mark-ups.

+ Sunglasses Prescription and non-prescription, standard, mirrored, polarised or transition. All with UV protection and high sun glare reduction.

+ Prescription, distance or reading Standard, Thin, Ultra Thin, Ultra Ultra Thin

+ Multifocal/Progressive & Bifocal

+ Desk Progressive intermediate to reading

Specialty lenses, like multifocals, usually take about a week to be custom ground to your measurements.

For single vision (reading and distance) glasses we radically reducing your waiting time by keeping a supply in-store ready to cut on the spot. Wunderbar!