Made in Australia (yes, really!)

At Dresden, we are the makers. Right here in Australia. We’ve returned to a craft excellence we feel has been lost, where there was a direct connection between the making of a product and the person it was intended for.

To craft and make our unique modular glasses frames, we’ve worked with local industrial designers. After researching Australians’ face shapes and sizes in all their varieties, trialling various designs with 3D-printed prototypes, the Dresden single shape, multi-sized modular system was born.

Our frame production in western Sydney is a partnership with Astor Industries, a manufacturing company that was immersed in making car parts for Australia’s ever shrinking auto industry. Good timing for both of us.

The final step of making glasses happens right in our shops – we cut your lenses and assemble your glasses on the spot. No secret labs. No white coats. No great mystery.


Fair dinkum fair trade

Who made your glasses? One of our team. Paid Australian wages with Australian working conditions.

Because we manufacture our own product and fit lenses in-store, you can be assured of exactly who makes your Dresden glasses. Us, right here in Australia. No need to check if it’s Fair Trade.

Manufacturing in Australia is another one of the ways we’re doing things differently.

What are Dresden frames made out of?

Our main range is made from a recyclable Swiss nylon called Grilamid TR-90, a Polyamide 12 (Nylon 12) to be precise! We’ve chosen this material because it’s the Rolls Royce of nylons – ultra durable and beautifully lightweight.

We also choose injection moulding as our manufacturing process so we can experiment with a huge range of durable plastics – both recyclable and recycled – and be responsive to interest in particular colours and materials.

We also make a range of frames from recycled plastics. This is a new frontier in frame making. So far we’ve made them from:

  • Upcycled beer keg lids – a HDPE (high density polyurethane). A Young Henry’s Cloudy Cider or would you rather a crisp mint green Natural Lager? ‘Beer goggles’ are lifted from pub banter to reality. 😉
  • Upcycled milk bottle lids – a mixture of HDPE and LDPE (low density polyurethane). Prefer yours lite, full cream or skim? Light blue, dark blue or pink?
  • Plastic rubbish – collected from Byron Bay beaches, a mixture of everything and anything plastic
  • Upcycled fishing nets – washed up on the shores of Arnhem Land, durable, flexible Nylon 6
  • Upcycled Lego – yes, Lego! Made from reject Lego. Limited edition Small and Mediums temples (aka arms!) available from our online shop.

Find out more about how Dresden sees and treats plastic waste as a valuable resource.

Dresden Optics glasses frame manufacturing

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