Easy on the hip pocket

More equitable access to good vision is one of the ways we’re doing things differently. Our everyday prices as absolutely low as possible so you don’t have wait for a sale to get a great deal!

Quality eyewear really shouldn’t be as pricey as it is. And in many other parts of the world, it’s not. But somehow in Australia, we’ve got into a situation of sterile shops charging ridiculous prices. We believe the highest standard of optical quality shouldn’t be expensive – it should be the norm, and accessible to everyone, not just those with deep pockets!

When selecting our lenses we looked at the world’s leading lens makers, before settling on having ours made by one of the best, Carl Zeiss Vision. Since 1846, Carl Zeiss Vision has pioneered optical instruments and lenses, revolutionising microscopes, telescopes, cameras and eyeglasses.


Order at our online shop or at our stores. All prices are for a complete set of glasses: Dresden frames with lenses. All prescription glasses and contact lenses qualify for Australian health fund rebates.

Non-prescription glasses

Zeiss lenses

Sunnies $49

Polarised sunnies $99

Anti-scratch with 100% UV protection & high glare reduction

Blue light blocking glasses $69
Available for adults and children in our four frame sizes – XS, S, M & L.

Prescription glasses

Zeiss lenses

Contact our stores for help on what options best suit your prescription and Dresden frame size.

Stock lenses with one prescription power

e.g. just for seeing up close OR for seeing in the distance

STANDARD lens glasses
1.5 index
anti-scratch or anti-reflective coating
Prescription range SPH -4 to +4, CYL -2 to 0. If you have a prescription outside of this range contact us so we can advise you which lenses will work for you.

THIN lens glasses
1.6 index with anti-reflective coating

ULTRA THIN lens glasses
1.67 index with anti-reflective coating

CUSTOMISED GRIND for strong prescriptions
$199 Standard 1.5 index
$299 Thin 1.6 index
$349 Ultra Thin 1.67 index
Thinnest 1.74 index

$249-$479 1.5-1.67 index sunglasses
Solid or graduated tint, mirror, polarised, photochromatic (with blue filter option) available

We need to measure you for these lenses so come to see us in person. 

Progressive and multifocal glasses

Progressive lenses with distance, intermediate and reading vision

We need to measure you for these lenses so come to see us in person. 

$249 Standard: 1.5 index ($349 Polarised)
$349 Thin: 1.6 index ($449 Polarised)
$449 Ultra thin: 1.67 index (Polarised not available)
Add $30 for blue filter.

$249-$579 Photochromatic (with blue filter option), graduated tint and mirror also available.


$199 Standard: 1.5 index. Choice of:

  • clear lens ($229 with blue filter)
  • solid tint
  • graduated tint
  • photochromatic

$299 Polarised or Mirror

$399 Standard: 1.6 index. Choice of:

  • clear lens ($429 with blue filter)
  • solid tint
  • graduated tint

$499 Mirror

WORKPLACE (COMPUTER) lenses: Progressive intermediate to reading optimised for your work environment.

$199 Standard: 1.5 index
$299 Thin: 1.6 index
$30 extra for Blue light filter

We need to measure you for these lenses so come to see us in person. 

Prescription sunnies

Zeiss lenses

Prescription sunnies $69
anti-scratch on OUTSIDE of lens, anti-reflective on INSIDE of lens, 100% UV protection & high glare reduction

1.5 index, reading or distance Zeiss lenses, prescription range SPH -4 to +4, CYL -2 to 0.

Prescription sunnies for strong prescriptions

Order at our stores.

Multifocal sunglasses
$249–$449 Standard, Thin or Ultra Thin lenses 

Polarised or Photochromatic Multifocals
$349–$599 Standard, Thin and Ultra Thin lenses 

Order at our stores.

Contact one of our stores to discuss our full range of lenses and options to best suit your prescription. Your specific prescription and Dresden frame size will determine which of these lenses are suitable for you.

All prescription glasses and contact lenses are eligible for health fund rebates.

Contact lenses

From $26
We offer a huge range of contact lenses and consultations with our optometrists if you’d like to try contacts or need a check up. If you don’t see the brand or type you need on our online shop , please contact us and we’ll be able to give you prices and order for you.

Book an eyecare exam

with one of our highly qualified and experienced optometrists in Melbourne or Sydney