‘Wiederverwertung’ is the German word for recycling. Its literal translation is ‘again finding value’.

By seeing and treating plastic waste as a valuable resource, we want to be part of the solution to what can seem a fairly daunting environmental challenge. Every small step we take in this direction is helping unclog our ecosystem of that discarded plastic, and giving a smarter, new purpose to those materials.

Our philosophy is to carefully consider every material that passes through our hands. Is it from a renewable source? What are the environmental consequences of the materials and the manufacturing processes we choose? What’s the lifespan of our products and their byproducts? Can they be repurposed at the end of it? How do we minimise Dresden’s total footprint?

Dresden’s regular frames are made from fully recyclable nylon. We’ve also made frames from milk bottle lids and beer keg lids donated by local cafes and brewers. We’ve even moulded them from plastic rubbish washed up on Byron Bay’s shores. (To those of you who got behind these experiments with as much excitement as our own, Danke!)

Our search for a plastic that wasn’t already being recycled has continued and recently we struck gold. We’re rapt to have started trials of making frames from ‘ghost nets’ discarded by trawlers and washed up on the beaches of Arnhem Land. The same amazing durability that is so devastating to sea life makes this nylon ideal for us, as it’s high performance and quite stretchy. And a super-high proportion of the net material can be recycled. 

So now, glasses made from rubbish are going from a dream to reality. It’s the very essence of ‘again finding value’ while helping clean up our oceans. Read more about what recycling means to us at Dresden.


Ours is a zero waste, closed loop manufacturing system. We recycle our plastic manufacturing waste by cutting it up (granulating it) and feeding it right back in. We’re thrilled that so far we’ve saved 436kg of plastic from going into landfill which, at 25g per Dresden frame, is over 17,000 frames!

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