Clear Frost


Ultra durable, lightweight frames:

  • recyclable Swiss nylon: Grilamid TR-90
  • made by us in Australia
  • 10-year warranty

Zeiss single vision (reading or distance) lenses:

  • Range +/-4 Sphere and up to -2 Cylinder (Prescriptions outside of this range require higher priced specialty lenses. Contact us for prices.)
  • 1.5 index
  • Anti-reflective


  • recyclable cardboard case
  • spare pins
  • cleaning cloth

Frames with specialty lenses – Multifocal/Progressive, Bi-focal, Desk, Transition, or Polarised prescription – can be ordered from our workshopsView price list

    • $
    • (max file size 50 MB)

    PD is the distance between your pupils. This measurement ensures your lenses are accurately positioned in your frame. Some prescriptions list more than one PD, often one for distance vision and another a few millimetres less for reading. 

    Please include any relevant information, such as date or branch location.

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